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Dudley Safes

Cash Safes

Cash SafesA full range of  safes  from £1,000 to £35,000 cash rated 

Euro grade  0 - 5  safes

Deposit Safes

Deposit SafesDudleys  range  of  deposit  safes 

£3,000 to £35,000 Cash rated 


EurogradedRange of  Euro graded  safes  from  Grade  0 £6000 to Grade 3 £35,000 cash rating.

Fire  resistant  to 30 minutes  and  rated  to En1143 grading.

All safes  come in 3  locking  options Key, Mechanical combination and  Electronic  locking 

Underfloor Safes

Underfloor SafesUnderfloor Safes

The underfloor safe range have a cash ratings from £1,000 to £6,000 and a jewellery rating from £10,000 to £60,000 (when the safes are embedded in concrete). Available in three sizes. Size 3 includes capsule deposit facility. Locking options include key locking or mechanical dial combination. Standard Keylock Shown