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Burton Safes

Burton Safes
 About Burton Safes

Burton Safes are a leading supplier of safes in the UK and Ireland. We supply safes suitable for domestic, commercial and hotel use. We aim to offer high quality products coupled with friendly, efficient service.

Burton safes  supply one of the most extensive ranges of safes available in the UK. We offer Eurograde Safes up to Grade 6, Fire & Data safes, Deposit Safes, Key Safes, Free Standing Safes, Cupboard and Furniture Safes, Underfloor Safes, Wall Safes, Medical Cabinets, Security Cabinets, Cash Handling Solutions, Strongrooms up to Grade Eurograde 11.



Chubbsafes  The premier cash & fire protection brand

Domestic users, retailers and banks are forever reviewing the secure storage of cash and
valuables within their environments.

Faced with increasing threats to security, users are constantly striving for products of the highest quality, reliability and technical specification.

Such products can be easily found within the Chubbsafes range. Choice doesn’t end once you
have selected the safe or cabinet that is perfect for you.

Each solution can be customised with
a host of options (e.g. locking, fittings and deposit facilities) to meet your security needs

Churchill Safes

Churchill Safes
Churchill Safes  The premier underfloor safe brand 

Churchill Safes are recognised as the leading brand for underfloor safes. Such success is based
upon understanding the security market and meeting customer needs.

This commitment and initiative is reflected in the Churchill Safes product range. Products vary from a small wall
safe to high security underfloor safes.

Such a comprehensive range means that finding an underfloor solution is a simple process.

Full range of wall and underfloor safes.

Dudley Safes

Dudley Safes

Dudley Safes has a long Heritage in the safe industry.

The Company was setup in 1982 making us one of the oldest safe manufacturers in the UK and is still run by the founders, Michael and Jeff Macefield. Located in the heart of the West Midlands, they are one of a few remaining UK based "REAL SAFE” manufactures.

With a UK network of service engineers, installers, skilled British workforce and a long history safe making,they  provide both standard and bespoke custom safes suited to the domestic, corporate and financial markets.

A wide  range of  safes from basic home  safes  to Euro grade safes up to £35,000 cash rating