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High Security

Burton Fortis Grade 6 #'808Burton Fortis Grade 6 Safe
Twin 11 lever  Key Locking
High Security
Chubb Bankers treasuryChubb Bankers treasury

Grade 5 Safe 100k cash Rtaed 

1 Million Jewellery rating 

Twin Locking Key & Electronic

Chubb Proguard Grade 3   Safe #803Excellent Grade 3 Safe made by Chubb Electronic Locking

External Size:685 x 600 x 560mm

60 Minute Fire Protection

Safe # 803
Chubb Proguard Grade 3  safe #483

Chubb Proguard refurbished Grade 3 safe. #483

35k Cash - 350k Jewellery Rated. 60 minute fire rating

Guaranteed12 Months

Can be kerbside pallet delivery or delivery & install, call for costs.

In Stock
Chubb Proguard Grade 3 #609Chubb Proguard 35k cash rating 350k Jewellery rated safe.

Ideal  for  commercial or  domestic  use.

Safe #609 with full 12 months Guarantee.

Will be fully serviced and resprayed, 
Chubb Resolute #796Chubb Resolute   #796

60k Cash Rated  600k Jewellery rated

Will be  fully refurbished

This is an excellent safe

Chubb Sovereign Grade 3  #742Chubb  Sovereign Grade 3  safe

Key  Locking  Can be twin locking  at cost 

35K Rated

Chubb Sovereign Grade 3  #807Chubb Sovereign Grade 3 safe
35k Cash rating 350k Jewellery rating
Fully refurbished & Resprayed in cream
Dudley Europa Grade 3 SafeDudley Europa Grade 3  Safe 35k Cash Rated  350k Jewellery Rating

Electronic locking

Fully refurbished

Dimensions : 760 x 600 x 640
Godrich & Boyce Grade 5  Safe 100k Cash Rated 1,000,000 Jewellery Rated Godrich & Boyce Grade 5  Safe

100k Cash Rated 1,000,000 Jewellery Rated

Will be  fully refurbished