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Vault Doors - Gun room Doors - Blast Doors from the Heart of Industrial England

Type A Vault Doors

Type A Vault Doors

Type A  Vault Doors are designed for maximum and stylish security.

 The massive 160mm to 210mm doors are ultimate protection. Grades 1-3--5

With anti tool and torch materials embedded within the unit it forms an almost impregnable barrier.

 With four hardened chrome front bolts, fixed 35mm rear dogging strip the door is held securely into the frame.

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Type B Vault Doors custom made

Type B Vault Doors custom made

Type B Vault Door 
Takes security to a higher level.
Complimenting this door are multiple passive anti explosive devices and glass plates that protect the sensitive locking areas against drill, torch and tool attacks.
The 25mm solid steel external plate is extended to an impressive total depth of 150 mm.

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Type C Vault Doors

Type C Vault Doors

Our type C Doors offer greater security with the more defensive inclusions.

With greater depth doors and more robust heavier frames this very popular unit is designed to withstand persistent and prolonged attack.

Our Type C vault door has a 10mm solid steel door plate supported to 18mm at the outer edges.

The 110mm bolt chamber increases the door depth to an impressive overall thickness of 122mm.

 Both live and passive anti-explosive devices protect this door against sustained heavy attack.

The 31mm chromed locking bolts are locked 20mm deep, front and rear,  into a 12mm frame to complete a solid protective unit..

Paint colours for this unit are available in any RAL Colour.

The price, installed, for this high quality door will be less than any quote you receive for this type of unit.

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Vault, Strongroom, Blast resistant & Gunroom Doors. Click image for details.

Vault, Strongroom, Blast resistant &  Gunroom Doors.  Click image for details.
Vault, Strongroom, Blast resistant &  Gunroom Doors.

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Victory Gunroom Doors

Victory Gunroom Doors

Gun Room Doors

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 Gun Room  protection with stylish security.

 Gun room security. Quality within the price.

These exceedingly high specification security units offer scope far above your insurers demand for gun protection. 

  Built in the heart of industrial England.

This 8mm solid steel door, increased to 14mm thickness around the edges and with a 100mm bolt  chamber depth producing a door that is 120mm in thickness overall.
 Five 31mm diameter chromed bolts secure the gun room door front and rear into a 10mm frame.
 Secured in the wall by tie bars this is the door to secure your Gun Room.
 A live anti-explosive device protects the sensitive lock area from attack.
 Key Combination or Digital locks can be fitted to this door.

 The price for this unit, installed, will be lower than any other quote you receive for this type of door.

 Internal locking and emergency release systems can be added to any of our doors.