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Fire Safes

Firebrand  Independently fire, explosion and impact tested  to UL 72 class 350 1 hour
1 hour protection for paper at temperatures of up to 1090C
Electronic locking on models 30E,35E, electronic and key lock on model 53E
Backlit LCD display for ease of use in dark cupboards
Battery level indicator, audit trail, anti-tamper and anti-vibration alarm all as standard features
Emergency override key and PowerPoint in case of lock out
Base fixing only
Firebrand XLIndependently tested and certifiedby ECBS 
to EN15659 LFS 60P
1 hour fire test for paper at upto 900C
Double walled steel body filled
with special 
fire resistant concrete
3 way locking bolts provides security from attack
High quality machined parts for a superior finish
Lockable drawer in each safe Base fixing