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Refurbished Safes

All Refurbished and reconditioned  cash safes can be bolted F.O.C. if required.
For Delivery costs  please  call our  sales office on  01933 675551

We always stock a large range of refurbished and reconditioned safes with cash ratings from £3000 - £100,000  x 10 for jewellery ratings ( Always confirm with your own insurance company).

All Safes are fully resprayed and checked, any parts that need to be replaced always are.

If you need electronic locks fitted for the ability to use Time delay, Overnight locking, audit trails or duress modes etc we can fit these for you and tailor the safe lock to your exact requirements.

Some of our refurbished range of safes are listed in the list on the right hand side, as the list changes daily we only list a few on this site please call for full details. 01933 675551.

Fire Safes

Fire SafesFire  safes  for  paper  and Data protection available 

High Security

High SecurityHigh security safes  from £35,000 - £150,000 

Fully refurbished, checked  and guaranteed

12 month guarantee.

Low Security

Low SecurityLow  security safes  Cash rated  from £1000 to £5000 

Fully refurbished from all leading  manufacturers

Medium Security

Medium SecurityMedium Security Safes  From £6000 - £17,500