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lagard combogard pro 39e with Software & Cable

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lagard combogard pro 39e with Software & CableThe Windows™ based ComboGard Pro setup software has a user-friendly interface, allowing you to configure the lock and upload the information directly from the PC to the lock. The software feature includes variable combination lengths, user activation with or without codes, lock mode selection, external signal modes (used with the 2789 and 4002 alarm boxes) and the ability to set time delay values. Also included with the ComboGard Pro setup software is the LG-View 3X audit software, which provides a record of the last 63 lock events.

The ComboGard Pro may also be set up using the key pad only. Using the key pad setup option, the Lock Manager can choose variable combination lengths, activate up to nine users, select the lock modes and set time delay values.

These locks are all supplied with Cable/Interface & Software

Small battery box = approx  2000 openings
Large battery box = approx 20,000 openings 
Both above figures are dependant on time delay features. (recommend Large box if feature is used).

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