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chubb home safe 50E

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chubb home safe  50E

    Chubb home  safe  £4 K Cash rated   Keyor  Electronic locking    Ideal  small home  safe 

  • Ext. Dimensions 600 X 445 X 390 HxWxD (mm).
  • Int. Dimensions 510 X 355 X 281 HxWxD (mm).
  • EN 14450 certified by ECB.S to level S2 burglary protection.
  • EN 15659 certified by ECB.S for 30 minutes fire protection for documents.
  • Ideal for protecting cash and valuable items, as well as passports, title deeds and other important documents in the home or office.
  • ECB.S certified EN 1300 Class B Electronic lock.
  • The safe door is secured using the revolutionary V bolt system.
  • The design of the locking bolts helps maintain door integrity both when under physical attack and during fire.
  • Lock protrudes 30mm so please add this to the external depth.
  • Up to 30 minutes fire resistant.
  • Cash rating £4,000 or valuables £40,000.
  • Fitted with Electronic lock
  • AiS Approved Safe
  • Weight 46 kgs