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Needle Deposit Safes

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Needle Deposit Safes

Sharps wall mounted disposal cabinet construction features:

*Fully welded construction to meet the tough demands of day to day working environment.

*All sharps bin cabinets / key return boxes are manufactured from tough 18 gauge steel.

*Tough heavy duty welded hinges fitted internally to stop tampering.

*Tough industrial powder coat paint finish in white inside and out. Other colours available at extra cost. 

Please ask for details.

*Supplied with wall fixings.

Dimensions for the wall mounted needle disposal box.

Overall dimensions of the cabinet are as follows:

510mm high (20") x 190mm wide(7.5") x 190mm deep(7.5").

Internal clearance dimensions of the needle disposal cabinet allow to fit one 5 litre plastic burnbin inside.

The design of these sharps collection boxes have a lip over the swing bin entry hole to help stop rain water 
entering into the cabinets and plastic burn bin inside. 

The needle exchange bins are installed in areas where there is little or no supervision where sharps and syringes
can be disposed of as a single unit. Many of our needle disposal cabinets are installed in unsupervised public toilets.