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Mini Vault Silver S2

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Mini Vault Silver S2Mini Vault Silver S2(£4,000 cash rating)

The Mini Vault Silver is ideal for the safekeeping of cash and valuables.Whilst the manufacturing techniques used provide a robust unit fordomestic and commercial applications, its internal fittings are thoseyou would expect to protect delicate valuables such as watches,jewellery and electronic tablets.

This protection is achieved by utilisingan anti-bludgeon laser cut door (to prevent prying and chisel attack)mounted on concealed hinges and hardened steel plates to protect allvulnerable areas. Both key and electronic lock are tested and certifiedto EN14450-S2.

Manufactured with a 4mm body and 8mmanti-bludgeon flush fit door, with 25mmhardened steel locking bolts.
Available in 4 sizes, plus 2 deposit options.
A choice of key or electronic lockingmechanisms, the electronic optionoffers changeable codes, low powerwarning and LED indicators.
All models have felt-lined walls, thick foambase pad, jewellery shelf* and batteryoperated motion sensitive light.
Mini Vault 3 has been designed toaccommodate a cash till or jewellery drawer with a width of 410mm.

 Model  Internal Size mm H x W x D   External Size mm H x W x D  Kgs  Litres  Shelves
 Mini Vault 0  250 x 374 x 274  240 x 354 x 210  23  18  -
 Mini Vault 1   294 x 374 x 375   282 x 354 x 260  29  26  1
 Mini Vault 2  332 x 374 x 425  322 x 354 x 360  52  67  2
 Mini Vault 3  470 x 435 x 405  455 x 420 x 355  50  68  1

Where applicable Keypad and handle increase depth by 35mm