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Eurovault Aver grade 3

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Eurovault Aver grade 3Lighter weight construction for easier installation
Double walled steel body filled with special multi-layered security composite
Three way locking bolts
Special drill protection of the lock and boltwork  Relocking device secures door in case of attack
Quality machined parts ensure a high level of finish and extend product longevity
Superior anti-rust treatment
High security key lock as standard
Option of mechanical combination, electronic
Option of dual locking
Height adjustable shelving
Base fixing

Model Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Ext (HWDmm) 670x510x510 990x510x510 1320x680x510
Int (HWDmm) 535x390x350 855x390x350 1185x545x350
Weight 165kg 225kg 430kg
Model Size 4 Size 5 Size 6
Ext (HWDmm) 1320x850x510 1660x680x510 1660x850x510
Int (HWDmm) 1185x715x350 1525x545x350 1525x715x350
Weight 470kg 520kg 595kg