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Drug deposit safe

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Drug deposit safe

Drug boxes construction features:

Mounted drug cabinet as used by Essex Police Substance Misuse department. As can be seen this is a wall mounted cabinet. (Fixing details, see below). As part of the scheme, the police hold the keys to all cabinets and therefore  empty the cabinets and dispose of their contents.
As can be seen above, the cabinet is easy to use but also secure. The unique swing counter balance design facilitates a one way loading system which stops tampering and also means that employees of the premises  are protected  by not coming into contact with the contents inside the cabinet. This safety deposit box is not designed for use with needles. However we can offer sharps bins and needle exchange cabinets. Please contact us for details. 

The unique swing action cabinet loading device is registered with the patent office. Patent number available on application.

*Fully welded construction to meet the tough demands of day to day working environment.

*All fabricated boxes manufactured from tough 18 gauge steel.

*Highly secure with two steel locks mounted in the door for added security.

*Tough heavy duty welded hinges to stop tampering.


*All steel boxes fitted with spigot seals to aid security and add to strength.



*Tough industrial powder coat paint finish in white inside and out. Other colours available at extra cost. Please ask for details.


Overall dimensions of the cabinet are as follows:

350mm high (14") x 250mm wide(10") x 150mm deep(6").

Internal clearance dimensions of the cabinet (i.e. inside opening of cabinet spigot) are as follows:

318mm high (12.5") x 218mm wide(8.5")