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Burton Safes

Biometric safes

Biometric safesBiometric safe range from Burton 

Eliminate  keys and codes 

Latest In Locking  systems 

Medium to High security safe range 

Burg Watcher

Burg WatcherBurg Watcher safes Rage  from £1,000 to £17,500 

Wall safes Fires  safes  and Gun safes 

Various  key options available 

Cash Safes

Cash SafesCash Safes In £1,000 to £150,000 cash rating 

Euro grade safes 

Various locking options available 

Custom Solutions

Custom SolutionsBurton Safes are able to produce virtually any type of safe that you may require or desire. We are safe specialists and are able to call on a vast wealth of design and manufacturing knowledge and expertise. 

Deposit safes

Deposit safesBurton Offer  a  wide range  of deposit safes  from Low  grade vehicle safes and counter  safes  
to High security Euro Grade  safes , grades 0-5

Various  locking options available 

Euro Graded

Euro GradedBurton's range of  grade 6 safes £150,000 cash rating £150,000,000 Jewellery rating