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Choosing the correct safe for your needs.

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Listed below we have put together a list of the various safe types that are available along with as much useful information as possible to assist you to choose the correct type of safe that suits your particular needs. if you need anything clarified please call us to discuss your requirements.

Cash safes

This is a guide only and you must speak to your own insurance company to clarify exactly what they require for you to be insured if the safe is going to be insured.

Any safe weighing under 1 Tonne normally requires bolting to the floor to be covered by insurance.

Cash safes usually have 30 minute fire protection, combined protection safes which covers cash & documents up to 90 minutes dependant upon the model chosen.

When ordering a safe please be aware the internal size can be drastically reduced by the thickness of the safe walls as some are over 100mm thick on all sides meaning you can lose 200mm ( Around 8 Inches) on height width & depth from the external measurement. 

Listed below are the various option types available to you.

Delivery Options

When ordering a safe there are generally various delivery options available to you as follows:

Kerbside delivery

This means exactly what is stated, you need the equipment to move the safe into the property and the position you require from the kerbside.

Delivery & Position

Better option the safe is taken into the property and placed in a ground floor position with just your threshold step into the property, if you require the safe bolting it is not usually a problem but should be stated when ordering a safe, Any underfloor heating, pipes or cables should be checked by you.

Upper floor deliveries

Possible but can get quite expensive and may need spreader plates to accept the weight.
If you do have steps or stairs email some pictures of the steps so the correct equipment is carried to safely take the safe into the property and position where required.

Small Home Safes 

If you are ordering a small home safe which will normally be delivered by courier they are light and not normally a problem to move or install yourself.

 Cash safe

These range from £1000 through to £150,000 Cash ratings for insurance purposes.

If you place only jewellery in a cash safe the cash rated amount is usually X10 for jewellery. For example £1000 Cash Rating = £10,000 Jewellery Rating. 
This means if you wish to deposit both jewellery & cash in the same safe for instance £500 Cash in a £1000 Cash rated safe you can technically only place £9,500 of Jewellery in the same safe etc.

Safes under £6000 cash rating are not euro-graded.

Euro-graded safes are as follows starting at £6000:

Grade 0 = £6000 Cash Rating
Grade 1 = £10,000 Cash Rating
Grade 2 = £17,500 Cash Rating
Grade 3 = £35,000 Cash Rating
Grade 4 = £60,000 Cash Rating
Grade 5 = £100,000 Cash Rating
Grade 6 = £150,000 Cash Rating

All the above are usually X 10 for jewellery ratings but can vary between different insurance companies check with your own insurance company as ratings can alter between companies.

Locking Types

Most of the above cash rated safes can be fitted with Key Lock, Electronic Lock, Manual Combination Lock or with 2 Locks.

If you are not regularly using a manual combination or are not used to using them we don't  recommend you order one especially if you are placing the safe in a dark area, or in a position where you cannot be directly in front of the lock to dial it.

Electronic locks have many advantages over key & combination locks, time delay on opening, can be connected to the alarm system for duress mode or to immobilise the keypad, numbers can be changed and users deleted or suspended in seconds. Downside we recommend changing the lock every 6 years in case of failure and we do not recommend fitting the locks in cold or possibly wet areas I.E  cellars.

Key locks last for years and work in virtually any conditions, downside keys can be very long and not suitable for pockets, can be copied, if employees leave you should change the safe lock if they had access to the keys.

If you are purchasing a refurbished safe you must clarify the make & model with your insurance company if the safe is going to be insured as they do not come supplied with insurance paperwork.

All refurbished safes on this site are fully checked, all glass plates, re-locker cables, relock devices, hinges, bolt-work and locks. All safes are then fully resprayed before delivery. Most safes we can personally deliver place and bolt if required or you are welcome to collect from us, please contact us for details or if you have any questions.

Data safes

Data safes usually come with either 60, 90 or 120 minute fire ratings, some manufacturers specify a fire rating but require the purchase of a separate unit to be purchased and placed inside the safe to give the specified fire rating, please call us to discuss your exact requirements before purchasing.

Gun Safes 

Gun safes are available to hold between 3 & 15 guns, all the gun safes on this site are 
approved by the police and are pre-drilled for bolting to a brick wall or concrete floor, gun safes are also available with a cash rating if required and are available from most safe manufacturers that are listed on this site.
We can also supply bespoke & glass show cabinets fully approved if required,  please ask for details.

 Deposit Safes

If you require a deposit safe to allow staff to deposit cash or items without access to the safe they are available from most of the manufacturers on this site, available options include rotary drum, letterbox slot, capsule or drop chute. 

Underfloor Safes

Underfloor safes are very secure and hidden if installed correctly and should be fitted with a mesh cage which can 
also be purchased  from the manufacturers, not recommended for wet or damp areas, square door models with gas strut assistance are easier to use and open than round door models which can be quite heavy to lift out. We recommend placing a piece of foam between the door and lid cover to stop anything going into a key lock which is the major cause of lockouts, I.E dirt, staples, pins Etc.

Wall Safes
 These are available in various sizes which correspond to brick sizes and are normally 1 - 4 bricks in size, these safes are for low cash amounts of notes or a few pieces of jewellery as the size and depth of the safes are very restricted.

When ordering a heavy safe please consider the following.

  • Is the safe to be insured
  • What is the cash rating I.e the amount of cash or valuables you intend to leave in the safe overnight.
  • Size & weight of the safe. Will the floor take the weight without a spreader plate.
  • Is the safe to be bolted in position and is the floor wood or concrete. ( No pipes cables or underfloor heating at the bolting position).
  • Where the safe will be positioned. Are there any steps internally or externally on the route to the final position of the safe.
  • Is the route the safe is taking clear, are the doorways wide enough to pass the safe through.
  • Locking system required i.e Electronic, Key, Combination or twin locking.
  • If a fire or data safe what is the required fire rating protection.

If you require any further information or have any queries please don't hesitate to contact us on 01933 675551.

We don't just sell safes, we install, move, rent, lease, open & upgrade locks 24/7  365 days of the year.

If we are personally delivering a safe for you we call the day before & text 1 hour before delivery which is usually in the morning.

For safety, insurance & peace of mind we  also have the following in place:
  • Goods in transit insurance.
  • Full Liability insurance.            (Available on request).
  • LGV Operators licence. 
  • Vehicle  crane licence
  • Method statements                 (Available on request).
  • Manual handling assessment    (Available on request).
  • Risk assessment forms            (Available on request).
  • All delivery members carry full personal protective clothing & ID if required.

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